Friday, November 26, 2010


The skin-care brand is world re-known for its #1 recommendations by dermatologists and in 1994 it became a part of the Johnson & Johnson company. This company came to be what it is today because of its popular unique formula to produce clear, clean-scented glycerine soap. Neutrogena has got everything from cosmetics to anti-aging creams. Anything and everything that has got to do with skincare and hair care is available; whether it's for men or women! 

Their cosmetic beauty products are a must try. Neutrogena's reputation for clearing blemishes and for repairing damaged skin has allowed them to succeed and get this far, so why not try their beauty products? The thing that I like the most about Neutrogena's beauty products is that they all contain nourishing properties to hydrate your skin, and some even clears skin from blemishes. So you get two benefits out of their cosmetics: your face is fabulous and your skin soothes itself.
  • Neutrogena moisture shine lip soother 
  • Neutrogena skin-clearing blemish concealer (not only does it hide your blemishes but clears your skin too!)
  • Neutrogena Healthy volume waterproof mascara
  • Neutrogena 3-in-1 eye concealer (desperately needing this for all the nights I'm up doing projects! Ah!)
  • Neutrogena Mineral Sheers compact powder
  • Neutrogena healthy skin liquid with SPF 20 
  • Neutrogena moisture shine gloss in peach 
  • Neutrogena nourish eye duo in Sugar Plum

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