Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Girls & their pearls

Let's face it, no female on this world will ever say no to pearls, something about them intrigues you into wanting them. But have you ever really thought about where they originated from? 

A lot of people have said that a pearl forms out of a grain of sand, which obviously is completely false, or else instead of having a sea full of sand below we'd have pearls and we'd all be rich and lavished with pearls (I wish!)

It is actually very interesting how pearls are formed: it forms when a single foreign body, such as a parasite, is implanted into an oyster's soft body. Once this happens, the oyster protects itself by secreting a smooth crystalline substance called "pearl nacre" that surrounds and engulfs the foreign object. Let me give you an example in human terms, when you get a paper cut, antibodies rush to the site of the injury in order to protect foreign bodies such as bacteria or germs from entering the body. The wound area is closed because a layer of dried blood, or scab, is formed which then fades away and your skin is back to normal. With the oyster, coatings of pearl nacre is formed around the grain-sized foreign body after several layers are applied to eventually form a pearl.

Pearls range from colors white to pink and even to black, the reason for this is that it is grown inside a living organism, and the fact that they are organic gemstones could bring about so many possibilities as to how or why the colors of pearls are formed; it could be because of the type of oyster or mollusk it was created in and could sometimes depend on the type of nucleus that is implanted to trigger the creation of the pearl.  

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