Friday, November 12, 2010


Banksy is the infamous, graffiti artist whose work can be seen all over the world, England in particular. His work consists of a lot of ironies, statements to capture the eyes of people who pass by his work, as well as epigrams. His work ranges from capitalism and monarchy to farm animals. His identity is still, till know, a mystery. However, we know through one of his artworks that he was born in Bristol in 1974. Over several years people have been trying to find out who Banksy really is, as authorities in the UK have been trying to hunt him down because of all the vandalism. The UK newspaper " The Daily Mail" have said that his name is Robin Gunningham, however, it has not been confirmed. On Banksy's website, he states that, "I am unable to comment on who may or may not be Banksy, but anyone described as being 'good at drawing' doesn't sound like Banksy to me." When asked about his technique, Banksy replied that, "Efficiency is the key."

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