Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The reason I like this look so much is because it is a black and white palette styled outfit with a burst of color using Fall 2010 trends, not only is it fashionable but comfortable too! Knit scarfs can be seen on the runway of the Fall/Winter 2010 collection, from designers such as Issey Miyakey to Jill Stuart to D&G! The over-the-knee boots are very fashionable at the moment and I am craviiiing a pair of these boots! (Hopefully getting them soon from a friend who works at ALDO for 50% off!) They are *Baroque-inspired and I absolutely adoreee them!

Big LOVE oversized raglan tee from Wildfox Couture - 78 CAD
Black spandex jeans from J Brand 912 - 300 CAD
Boker (over-the-knee boots) from ALDO - 180 CAD (LOVE LOVE LOVE!)
Alexander McQueen red leather satchel - 1,465 CAD
D&G oversized wool scarf - 280 CAD
Bird cage earrings from Topshop

Fashion term: *Baroque: it was the era known for its music although back in the 1700s they were actually known for their art, associated with the famous artist, Caravaggio; the era of Baroque fashion first started out with the Europeans, very musketeer/cavalier style and you could even compare it to how pirates used to dress. Movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean (I  JOHNNY DEPP!) and Man in the Iron Mask are some examples of Baroque costume and dress.

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