Thursday, November 4, 2010


Whether is on accessories such as purses, key chains, or earrings, tassels are the accessories to be seen in this month, designers such as Rachel Leigh and Alexander McQueen have collections containing the tassel look. Celebrities such as Ivanka Trump can be seen sporting the tassel look.

Rose Tassel Necklace by DECO WHEEL - 180 CAD
Skull-Tassel Keychain by Alexander McQueen - 275 CAD
Chain leather cuff with tassels by Topshop - 30 CAD (My personal fave!!)
Fabric Tassel Earrings by Topshop - 15 CAD
Fendi Vintage-style silver-tone tassel earrings - 435 CAD
Jersey Tassel Lariat by Topshop - 35 CAD

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