Sunday, December 26, 2010

Falling in and out of trends

Over the past few years, it seems like army-inspired outfits have been coming in and out of fashion. And most probably, they will never stop. So, never rid of your military-styled clothes as you never know when it will be "in" again. Investing in camouflaged clothes could be the best thing you do.

  • Zip-embellished cotton jacket by Balmain - 2,961 CAD
  • Army chic skirt OQvestir - N/A
  • Chelsey Flower's Henley top in peacoat - 187 CAD
  • Donna Karan's lace up suede wedges - 750 CAD (Love theseeee!)
  • Ileana Makri's cat-eye gold-plated diamond ring - 2,260 CAD
  • Oscar de la Renta's gold drop earrings - 290 CAD
  • Erickson Beamon's great expectations gold-plated bracelet - 755 CAD
  • Boyfriend cross body mini bag (can be found in Saks Fifth Avenue) - 206 CAD

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