Friday, December 3, 2010

Pull off a Winnie the Pooh

There’s nothing like honey, nothing that has the same taste and texture, it is so unique that it makes you think of the powers Mother Nature possesses. To think that something with so much health benefits for us, humans, are created by bugs! Honey is produced by honeybees that go through the process of sucking the nectar out of flowers, placing it in a special pouch where the process of switching the nectar into honey takes place by mixing it with special enzymes. Afterwards, the honeybees evaporate the water in the nectar mixture in order to thicken it to produce honey. Once it has become honey, the honeybees seal the cell of the comb using beeswax (which you can eat too!) One fact that I found really interesting about honey is that it has NO expiry date! You could bury it and dig it up again after 2,000 years and, still, it would taste amazing!

The color of honey varies depending on which flower the nectar was sucked out of by the honeybees. There is an assortment of honey ranging from light gold to dark brown.

The history of honey dates back to over 10 to 20 million years; Ancient Egyptians used to sacrifice tons of honey to their river gods in the hopes that their would be less floods so that their crops could grow, while Ancient Romans used to heal their cuts and wounds by applying honey directly on to the wounds.

The health benefits of honey:
  •            Honey is a natural and much healthier Red Bull – it energizes you without the bad health effects of Red Bull and coffee. So whenever you are going for your morning run, or feeling tired from studying but you’ve got to study more or even in the morning when you’re about to make your morning coffee, just take a teaspoon of honey instead. Or make a honey sandwich! 
  •      Honey boosts your immunity system – found in honey are antioxidants as well as anti-bacterial properties, which helps your body fight diseases and maintains health.
  •      Honey COULD prevent cancer – I emphasized on the “could” because it isn’t a cure, however, it contains anti-tumor and carcinogen-preventing properties. 
  • Honey cures sore throats – it not only alleviates pain in sore throats but kills all the bacteria found as well. A lot of the times, before a performance, singers take a teaspoon of honey. And I’m sure you all have heard about the tea with lemon and honey remedy.
  •  Honey treats hangovers – yes, Ladies and Gents, all those mornings of waking up with the worst headache and sensitive stomachs have come to an end: Fructose is known to speed up the oxidation process of the alcohol by the liver. Well guess what… Honey is FULL of natural sugars that are fructose. Blend some orange juice with yoghurt and honey and voilà! Cured!
  •              Since honey contains a lot of anti-bacterial properties, it is able to heal cuts, wounds and burns by absorbing moisture from the air without foreign bodies entering the open wound. It is also known to ease arthritis pain, athletes’ food and yeast infections.
P.S. Don't the pictures make you want to eat honey right now?

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