Thursday, December 23, 2010

Under that tree

So I know I'm late with this christmas posting, but I'm sure some of you folks out there are busy buying last minute gifts too! So here is a posting dedicated to last minute gifts!

  • What are your arts & crafts talents? Why don't you find out by making your own personal gifts with crafts that might interest you? For instance, make your own soaps and give them out as gifts. Or if you are not fond of doing arts & crafts, what about buying that person something they can make? So wrap up that soap-making kit for your friend! You never know she might end up loving it and continue doing it! (Some other arts & crafts gifts: The art of origami, beginners paint set, beginners drawing set, make your own candles set, and so on...) - Visit the closest Omerres DeSerres for more products.
  • A tea set is a perfect gift for a girl. From make-believe tea parties when we were kids to actually having people over for tea, who wouldn't like this gift?!
  • There's nothing like getting bath products as a Christmas gift! Whether it's mango body butter from The Body Shop (my xmas gift to myself) or bath bombs from Lush or even perfumes!
  • I know this is random... LAVA LAMPS! You are never too old for lava lamps! Come on! At least one? 
  • As a university student, most of us live alone and don't want to spend too much on our apartments, so why not buy home accessories for a friend? From bedsheets to scented candles and even kitchen accessories! No doubt it is a good gift to get!
  • Christmas knit jumpers. Tres a la mode and tres cute!
  • Books are THEE ultimate gifts to get! Whether it is a "for dummies" book for your friend to learn something or a fictional one, find out what the person's interests are and buy a book that relates to their interests.
  • A fancy diary to write in, a long with a pen.
  • Movies. You can't go wrong with this, buy a friend their ultimate favourite movie to keep in their collection of favourite movies.
Hope you all have an amazing Christmas! I actually just arrived in Dubai and I'm so happy to be back! There's nothing like coming back home to a fridge full of pre-preparation xmas food and surprises from your loved ones! Cheers everyone and let the festivities begin!

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