Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Confidence is the key

This post is dedicated to all the ladies out there. Lately, I've realized that there are a lot of women out there, be they young or old, who have self-esteem issues. And I'm not going to be a hypocrite and say I was never like that, because at one point I really had no confidence and faith in myself. Growing up, I felt like I had no reason to be confident, but as I grew older I realized that I do have a lot to be confident about, as cocky as it sounds. Every single person out there has a quality that makes them beautiful, so stop looking down and keep your head up and have faith that you are an amazing person. Look at Marilyn Monroe... she is the definition of sexy, and it's mostly because of the confidence she had. Everyone has insecurities, that's a fact, but what you don't realize is that you should let your insecurities be your guide... Everyone's imperfections are what makes them perfect.

If you can't help but feel bad about yourself, start off slow, start off by beautifying yourself on the outside, anything that will build up your confidence and make you look in the mirror and think, "who is that gorgeous chick staring back at me?!" You know what they say, "Confidence is your best outfit."

However, it's not only what is on the outside that matters... It's what's on the inside too... Stop being a person that complains all the time, stop sulking and thinking that you will never be loved, because with that attitude, that is what you are going to get... Be a positive person, you've all heard of "The Secret" I'm sure... I don't believe in that whole bull, but the basis of it is true... You have to be positive, you have to know that you are a good enough person to get all the good things that life hands down to you. So stop and snap yourself out of that negative vibe, because no one else will want to be around that.

My next point is something I am currently working on as a decision I've made for my new year's resolution... To make myself a better person. How? By expanding my knowledge... I realize that most of you who are reading this might say, "I am a university student, I don't have time" or "I've got work and kids, I don't have time," well... make some time! Take an hour or two to learn about something new... Whether it is something as simple as expanding your vocabulary in the English language, or even LEARNING a new language, or even reading about history; yes, it may be boring, but as we have seen time and time again history does repeat itself. Even with fashion! Trends repeat themselves. Learn more about the world we live in. Not only does it help you gain confidence, because you actually know what you're talking about, but it could also help you with your future. 

Learn about what ever may interest you; whether it's animals, plants, the earth itself, just learn about something out of your own field in order to make yourself a much better person. What are you losing? It's definitely not your time, because you're actually doing something with it!

My next point is probably going to throw the readers off my blog forever... But I am going to take my chances and say it anyway: EAT! Indulge in food before you get older and have cholesterol problems. One day you are going to wish you took advantage of eating and you will never forgive yourself. I am not saying to eat until you get obese. I am simply saying that you shouldn't be counting every single calorie you are consuming! It is a waste of your time and your life. So enjoy all types of food, savor every bite and don't look back!

Travel! I know it is definitely easier said than done, but you've got one life. Reading about countries is completely different than seeing the real thing in front of your eyes, save up and go on a vacation with your loved ones. No matter where you go, for sure you will never forget the trip! And you never know, you might actually fall very much in love with the country that you go to that you will never want to leave...

And one last thing... You have GOT to love YOURSELF, before anyone else can love you. Don't ever listen to what other people say about you, because that will only bring you down. You are your own person, and you've got people that love you for who YOU are. If they don't like it, then what does that tell you? That they don't deserve you!

The reason I know all of this is because it is what I went through in order to gain confidence in myself, I wish I had read an article about this back then, but trust me on this one... If you follow every advice I have given you in this post, I promise you, you will be a better person for it.

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