Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Corps MWAH

Looking for some body products? Look no more... La Senza's Body Kiss collection offers a variety of lotions that either come in the regular lotion form or "Indulgent swirl cream" form as well as a variety of different shimmer mists and body rollerball fragrances. Body Kiss also has hand creams and moisture double mists (which is a mix of moisturizer and body mist!). Oh Lord, where do I start about how incredible these products are? First and foremost, the SCENTS are DEE-LISH! My personal fave is the "Kiss me, Cupcake" scent! I had bought this scent in lotion, shimmer mist and moisture double mist form and I kid you not, I wanted to eat myself! I smelt like a cake right out of the oven! Secondly, it does more than the work! The scents stay on for a while and the lotions will leave your skin feeling like a baby's bum! Did I mention that they have hand sanitizers too? These products are TOO good to be true! A couple of their different scents include: Coconut Kiss, Berry Lovely, Tropical Tango, Sexy Sweet, Love Paris, Sweet NYC and Apres Ski. AND there's a special offer... if you buy 3 of these products you get them for 15 CAD instead of 12.50 CAD each! (Hand creams are 9.50 CAD each and rollerball fragrances are 6.50 each) So hurry to the closest La Senza or shop La Senza Online for their Body Kiss collection! Trust me... worth every dollar!


  1. Wow thats a great deal! Great post! following ;)

  2. It is right?! I got the "Kiss me cupcake" in different forms, you have got to try it to really appreciate it! Thanks for the comment and the follow! :)


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