Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do the Herbal!

"Clearly, someone's been doing the Herbal."

One of the best hairsprays I have ever tried in my whole life is Herbal Essences hair spray that come in 3 different types for different styles . Not only does it do the job but it smells UH-MAY-ZING! (In case you didn't get that: I said AMAZING!) I have probably used more than ten different hairsprays in my twenty years of living and I am telling you nothing can be compared to this hairspray! It, without a doubt, works wonders!

The 3 different hairsprays Herbal Essences has are:
  • Body Envy - Volumizing hair spray (Which, obviously, volumizes your hair. This is the one that I use and it smells incredible!)
  • Set me up stylers - Extra hold hair spray (If you want your hair to stay in place)
  • Tousle me softly - Flexible hold hairspray (Mostly for wavy hair and if you don't want that scrunched up feeling this is the perfect hair spray for you!) 

P.S. Find out what your fragrance factor is by clicking here: FRUITY (That's what I got!)

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