Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Why choose comfort over style when you can have both? I am feeling so much like leggings, a comfortable knit sweater and UGG boots right now and so this post is dedicated all to the comfort of clothing with an edge. It's all about mixing the right patterns and the right palettes! Once you have thought about which patterns and colors go together then you can wear anything and everything comfortable! And better yet: it's stylish too!
  • Madewell's cardigan in black - 67 CAD
  • H&M's bangles - N/A (Giving the outfit some color)
  • True love H&M t-shirt - N/A (To wear under the cardigan)
  • Citizens of humanity's grey skinny jeans - 350 CAD
  • Premium bellow sleeve jacket by Topshop - 46 CAD
  • Mango mix shopper handbag - 44 CAD (Baby blue is the new trendy color for spring)
  • Diamond snowflake earrings by Katarina - 285 CAD (I have a knockoff... It broke...)
  • Barney's New York cashmere scarf - 295 CAD (Ahh! I would love a cashmere scarf on me right about now!)
  • UGG Australia "Classic Sparkles" boots - 170 CAD
P.S. : What do you think? Would you wear this outfit? If so, like the post!


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    2. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! And as for your blog, I will check it out now. xx


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