Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Een reis vol inspiratie"

After flying KLM this time around, I was truly satisfied by this airline and what it had to offer... From their services to their food to their provided entertainment (not to mention their in-flight duty free which are all TAX-FREE aahh! Words that sound like music to my ears!) They offer the latest music, movies, games as well as flight tracking. However, the one thing I found most impressive was that they offer language-learning services on board! So let's say you are traveling to Italy and want to learn Italian... there you go! A service that offers the basics of Italian and you even get tested on it! I spent some of my time learning the numbers from 1-100 in MANDARIN! My goal of speaking Mandarin just got a BIT closer to being accomplished thanks to KLM! So travel KLM for the best traveling experience peeps!

Several interesting facts about KLM:

  • KLM was founded by Albert Plesman on October 7th, 1919 in Netherlands.
  • KLM travels to 151 destinations!
  • Its homebase and global hub is the Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol.
  • Its income during the fiscal year of April 1st 2009 to March 31st 2010 was 7.4 billion euros! That's 9.5 billion CAD!
  • KLM has 2 joint-venture partners: Air France and Delta Air Lines.
  • When the airlines first opened in 1919, it would only travel between London and Amsterdam using an airplane built by Anthony Fokker.
  • KLM is the world's oldest operating airline.
  • KLM's slogan is: "Journeys of Inspiration" (Which is the name of this post in Dutch)

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