Wednesday, January 5, 2011

That's HOT!

 RED CHILI PEPPERS! I am definitely a big fan of spicy foods, and recently after going to Chili's I wondered exactly what are the health benefits of chili peppers? After all, they are another one of mother natures natural substances. So after researching much about it, I have come to learn that there are several health benefits. The reason chili peppers are healthy for you is because there is a chemical found within them called capsaicin and also because they are naturally high in Vitamins A and C. When capsaicin comes into any contact with tissue it creates a burning sensation. Of course, too much chili peppers will make you lose your taste buds, but too much of anything is bad for you... Everything in moderation peeps!

  •  Capsaicin surpresses the brain pain transmitter known as Substance P, which is a key neuropeptide that is responsible for migraines. If you ever have a migraine or a sinus headache, eat a chili pepper!
  • Eat a chili pepper to prevent colds! Capsaicin, once again, relieves the nose of mucus by stimulating secretions in the nose. Trust me on this one, I've tried it, whenever your nose is blocked, these babies will instantly unblock it!
  • Since chili peppers contain a lot of Vitamins A and C, it allows our blood vessels to be strengthened and makes them more elastic. Since chili peppers make us sweat, fluid is lost allowing our overall blood volume to temporarily reduced. So if you know anyone that has high blood pressure, tell them to eat some red chili peppers!
  • I found this interesting... capsaicin is used in creams associated with the healing of joint pain, muscle pain and nerve pain. And so, a lot of people with arthritis use creams that contain capsaicin.
  • Capsaicin is a thermogenic. Thermogenics are stimulants that aid in the body's burning of fat by increasing the metabolism of the body's adipose tissue (which is the connective tissue that functions as the major site of storage fat.)
  • Chili peppers could help protect your heart as capsaicin may reduce cholesterol as well as triglycerides and the accumulation of platelets. Capsaicin is also a blood detoxifier!
  • And for the finale: for those of you who live in freezing countries such as moi, sprinkle some cayenne powder in your shoes and it will warm your feet right up! I have yet to try this! (And hey... at least you won't have smelly feet!)
With so many health benefits, why wouldn't you want to eat chili peppers? Just cut some up and put it in any dish to get your daily dose of capsaicin and Vitamins A and C!

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