Saturday, January 15, 2011

When in Rome...

Looking at pictures and discovering new things about this beautiful city is making me envious of all the people who live there! The history, the culture, the FOOD and not to mention the FASHION!
Oh how I'd LOVE to go to Rome, tour around the city and see the monuments that contain so much historic background! Journey through the famous, Colosseum, to imagine all the fights that have taken place within it during ancient times: maybe a gladiator fighting to win the love of his lady, or an evil ruler making men fight for enjoyment and one of those men turn out to be an underdog and rule over Rome instead? Yes, I do like to believe that I live in a fairytale sometimes. Or I'd even like to visit the Roman Forum which is where the Ancient Romans built their central city around; the Roman Forum is where commerce, business, the administration of justice took place. What I found weird, though, is that it was also where prostitution and cults occurred! I'd drop by the Trevi Fountain to throw coins into the fountain. Legend has it that if you threw one coin in, you are ensured a visit to Rome again! If you threw two coins in, it is said that you will attain a new romance and three coins meant that you are soon to be wed or divorced. Interesting fact about the Trevi Fountain: Approximately 3,000 Euros are thrown into the fountain DAILY! Which is then used to invest in a supermarket found in Rome for the needy.

Although Milan is known as the "central fashion hub", it is said that it is being redirected to Rome as it is well-known for its haute couture collections as well as their many, many boutiques. After all, Rome is where Valentino and Fendi were founded! And come on, the togas and stolas back in the day? And the gladiator shoes? SUPER STYLISH you gotta admit! When you go to Rome, the first place you have to check out, according to sources, is in Via Condetti which is where all the designer boutiques are located. And for eclectic choices of fashion aka second-hand stores shop at Via Sannio (definitely would be my first choice!) But apparently, you've got to go early because most of the vendors in this market tend to stop working around lunch time. That's no problemo for me, who could complain about purchasing a couple of cute outfits before lunch time? And better yet it would be JUST in time for pasta with a side of red wine? PERFETTO!

Several interesting facts about Rome:
  • Rome is often called "The Eternal City" due to the richness in its 3,000 years of history!
  • There's a park in Rome known as "Park of the monsters" due to the statues the park contains such as Hercules slaying an Amazon.
  • In the city where pasta originates, of course you'd expect them to have a pasta museum (known as The Pasta Museum) which contains several different pasta making machines, as well as paintings associated with pasta by contemporary artists.
  • Rome's Colosseum is one of the 7 wonders of the world and can seat up to 50,000 people!
  • There are different dialects of Italian spoken in different parts of Italy! (I had no idea until just now...)
  • In Lazio (one of Rome's provinces) it is said that you should never try to outrun the police officers as they may have Lamborghini's!
  • The opera was, in fact, created by Italians.
  • Central heating was created by Italians (Well then I guess I should say thank the Lord for the Italians!)
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