Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DB Anymore

While surfing the net I came across some really really REALLY cute accessories and I just HAD to share! Just a couple of accessories that could spruce up any outfit! I have always been a fan of Harajuku girls' accessories, and they really know how to work it! 

  • Kawaii cupcake necklace - 9 CAD (Isn't this SO cute?)
  • Alice in Wonderland couture necklace from Tarina Tarantino - 620 CAD
  • Candy girls Valentines necklace by the Harajuku lovers - 31 CAD
  • Marilyn Monroe earrings - 45 CAD (Ahhh! I would KILL for these!)
  • Silver multi-crystal cupcake earrings from Amazon.com - 15 CAD
  • Lip gloss ring from Tarina Tarantino - 35 CAD (This is definitely THEE ULTIMATE RING! LIPGLOSS+RING=LOVE)
  • Strawberry dipped in Chocolate Fondue ring - 32 CAD (This ring would be dangerous to wear, you'd crave it all the time!)
  • Delfina Delettrez nail polish ring - 335 CAD
  • Kawaii cupcakes and cookies charm bracelet - 16 CAD

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