Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cuff moi

For this Valentine's Day why not go for Jack Vartanian's cuff collection? Not only are they SUPER CUTE but its for a good cause too! Fifty percent of the profit gained from these jewelry pieces are donated to the Demi and Ashton foundation! I must must MUST get a piece of this!

The cuff collection features necklaces that come in a range of sizes: large handcuff necklace, medium handcuff necklace and small handcuff necklace (and they come in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold and each of them have diamonds inlaid within them (white and black diamonds). And the handcuff bracelet comes in rose gold (which is my favorite type of gold!). Finally, the HANDCUFFS RINGS (♥) come in white gold and rose gold. For more information visit Jack Vartanian's Online Store. (This link will redirect you to my favorite piece of the collection and you can explore the rest from there)


  1. These are so cutie! wish they were in my BF's price range for Valentines day, lolz.


  2. True that! They are pricey but they're for a good cause so if ever someone was to buy these they should feel less guilty!



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