Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Do that do!

I am a SERIOUS believer in bangs/fringes! I believe that everyone should have one as it does actually make you look so much sexier! Whether it's a side fringe or a full-on fringe it is definitely something I personally think everyone should consider! Whether you've got short, medium, or long hair or even straight, curly or wavy hair! Looking back, I've had bangs ever since I was a kid. Maybe at one point in my life I let it grow out but after that I've always had either a side fringe or a full fringe. And the best think about it is that if you really cannot stand your hair in your face anymore, you can just style it up in a quiff or sport cute hair accessories like headbands or bobby pins! Or you can even part it down the middle and flick them outwards on both sides! It is such a versatile hairstyle to have! And best of all... It never goes out of style! Don't believe me? Check out the before & after pictures of celebs and you be the judge.

Now, as for detemining what fringe will suit you the best... Don't worry I've got the answers!
  • Square-shaped faces would suit best with side fringes that are evenly layered. 
  • Oval-shaped faces would suit with any fringe; straight on or side!
  • Heart-shaped faces are best paired with short, wispy fringes to give you a sexy look.
  • Round-shaped faces be warned: Do not go near short bangs! It will make your face look even rounder, go with a long, flowy, wispy fringe. Now THAT is gorgeous!
  • Long-shaped face should have a thick and blunt fringe for a more lady-like look.
P.S. What do you think about bangs/fringes? Is it something you would consider doing?


  1. Thanks for the tip!

    If you have time please stop by my blog @ http://mylyfe-mystory.blogspot.com

  2. I am loving Rihanna's hair colour right now! <3

  3. i love bangs but i dont look nice with bangs or at least i think i dont but i think im going to try a swoop bang soon since i know what goes with my shape head now thanks for the post. im following now


  4. @H Rija: Anytime! Thanks for the comment!

    @Yasmins Intro: SAME HERE! A lot of people think that she shouldn't have but I think it suits her SO much! If anyone can rock that hair color she can!

    @Lateisha: You should definitely try it out! I had a friend who said the exact same thing to me and I told her to try it, there's no harm it will grow back in no time and if she really hated it she could use bobby pins or headbands to get rid of it for the time being. And she ended up doing it and LOVED it! Thanks for the follow!! xx

  5. Hello dear thanks for the comment! I have to say I would never go back to having a fringe.. I tried it once and it failed because I have a small forehead so made me look funny haha xoxo


  6. I know what you mean! But for people with small foreheads a side fringe is AMAZING on them! You never know, it could be THEE hairstyle! lol thanks for the comment Sarai!


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