Monday, February 21, 2011

El Sol

Montreal's weather has been PMSing lately, one day its 10 degrees, the next its -20 degrees. And all I'm longing for is to feel the heat of the sun on my skin! I can't WAIT for summer, especially summer's in good ol' Monty. It is THEE place to be! Slowly, everyone comes out of hibernation and the city comes to life! So this post is dedicated to the summer to come ahead and to the sexy swimwear we're gonna be ROCKIN'! These were some of my faves!
  1. WE ARE HANDSOME black panther full piece swimsuit - 220 CAD (As seen on Rihanna, I mostly like this because one of my favorite animals is the Black Panther RAWR!)
  2. Chloé High-waisted bandeau bikini - 385 CAD (I'm more of a bikini kinda gal and I couldn't help but put this into my collage! I really want a high-waisted bikini!)
  3. Tomas Maier nearly nude full piece swimsuit - 445 CAD (I thought this was worth putting on here since I love neutral/nude colors, as you can see if you follow my blog)
  4. Clube Bossa One-shoulder bikini - 500 CAD (I've never seen anything like this bikini before it's so unique!)
  5. Zimmermann Copy Cat high-waisted multi-strap bikini - 285 CAD (I just recently found out about Zimmermann, they have the most AMAZING swimwear!)
  6. Betsey Johnson's 'Let's Polka' Bandeau bikini - 171 CAD (Isn't this sooo cute?)
  7. Zimmermann Ruffled strapless swimsuit - 340 CAD (I just HAD to put another Zimmerman swimsuit! Some neon is definitely needed for this summer! And just imagine how tanned you'd look!)
  8. Betsey Johnson's 'Layer Cake' Bandeau bikini - 182 CAD (This one is more sexier than the other I'd say. Pair it up with some red lippie and you're good to go!)
P.S. Which swimsuit did you like best?


  1. ohhh i like the red one and the navy blue polka dot one.. so cute!!

    love your blog i'm a new follower :) would love for you to visit and follow me too!

  2. I can tell by your choices that your a cutesy kinda gal! Thanks so much! I'll visit your blog as soon as I get the chance!! xx

  3. Beautiful post, I love no 3 and 5. Really cute.
    I miss the sun so much.

  4. i love number 1 number 2 number 5 and number 7!
    Lovely post, great bathing suit taste! xx
    thanks for ur lovely comment :D xx love your blog! xx

  5. @Tereza Anton: Tell me about it! I just want to be able to go out without a million layers on!

    @cosmetic-junkie: Thanks so much!! xx

  6. i need that panther swimsuit.


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