Friday, February 11, 2011

Let's make magic

About a week ago, I decided to go to Pharmaprix and buy a much-needed face moisturizer (due to the cold weather we've been having here in Montreal) and decided to buy the Kiss My Face face and body moisturizer. And I am telling you all, this product works like MAGIC! My face now feels like a baby's bum. No more dry skin for me! Trust me, all you peeps living in cold countries such as Canada, you NEED this! And it costs about 6 CAD each! Worth every dollar I tell ya! I apply this product twice daily: once after the shower and then a second time before I go to sleep.

The different types & scents are:
  • Olive/Aloe natural moisturizer
  • Vitamin A&E moisturizer
  • Honey/Calendula moisturizer
  • Chinese Botanical moisturizer
  • Peaceful Patchouli moisturizer
  • Peaches & Cream moisturizer (Which is the one I have and it smells sooo YUMMY!)
  • Lavendar/Shea Butter moisturizer

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