Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LUSH Craze: The start of my newfound addiction.

So I hope you all had a good Valentine's Day! I know I did! I spent my night having a "Love myself" Valentines and spoilt myself with a few LUSH products! A few days ago, I decided it was time for my first trip to LUSH. And oh, ladies, did I fall in LOVE... I couldn't believe I had never been in there before! I was SO impressed. I spent a good two hours looking at every single thing they had and ended up buying these products. (I would've bought the whole store if given the chance and cash, lol) One thing I found amazing is that all their products are freshly hand made and are preservative-free!

So yesterday, I tried out the Brazened Honey fresh face mask, which has got ground almonds, honey, ginger, clove and fennel. When I first put this on I got a tingly sensation and after about 2 minutes, it hardened. The smell of this mask is so sumptuous that I almost wanted to lick my face! It says to keep it on for 5-10 minutes. I kept it on for 10 minutes (I know this because I was watching Gossip Girl and washed it off during commercials) and massaged it off with lukewarm water. Once it was off, it left my skin feeling SO smooth! Seriously, beyond words can describe! I would DEFINITELY purchase this product again! 

Next, I tried the Comforter Bubble Bar and the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb. I get kind of crazy when it comes to bubble baths, I have about a MILLION different bubble bath products and every single time I take a trip to Jean Coutu or Pharmaprix I HAVE to buy a different scented bubble bath product. I CAN'T RESIST! And so, when I saw these products in LUSH, I knew I HAD to have them!

I give these products an A+! First, I put in the bubble bar, which smelt UH-MAY-ZING! They say it smells like blackcurrants, but to me I thought of a more "tutti frutti" kinda scent. I only cut off 1/8th of the bar and in a matter of seconds the whole tub was filled with bubbles! I didn't even have to use the whole thing to have the amount of bubbles I wanted! Not to mention a couple of pink-colored bubbles too!

Next, I dropped in the bath bomb, which turned the whole bath water PINK! (Perfecto for V-day celebration!) The Sex Bomb Bath Bomb has hints of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang (a medium-strong based sweet floral scent) No doubt about it, I would purchase these bath products again!

 After the bubble bath, I had proceeded to use the Soak & Float solid shampoo. At first, when the sales lady was telling me about this, I was confused as to how it was supposed to be used. After all, who's ever heard of SOLID shampoo before? Not I... What I found surprising was that as soon as I had run it under water and rubbed it on my hair it had formed a foamy, soapy moisture right away! And the best part of it is that it smelt like grass after a rainy day with some lemon and patchouli scents. The only problem I found with this product is that after I had washed it off with water, it left my hair all tangled up... Hmm... I probably should've bought a conditioner along with it... *plans next trip to LUSH*

Once I was paying for these products, I told the sales lady about my blog and she kindly gave me a few sample products to try out and review. And wow, did she know my taste and exactly how to get me hooked! She gave me a few samples of the Vanilla Delite lotion which left my skin creamy soft and delectable enough to eat! Although it does smell like vanilla, I smell a hint of cinnamon. And overall when I had lotioned up my whole body, I felt like I smelt of cinnamon rolls (Which I LOVE!) I would definitely purchase this product in a MONTREAL MINUTE!

The Joy of Jelly, is a goo-like shower gel (which can also be used for your hair, but I didn't try it since I had already used the solid shampoo) It is filled with aphrodisiac oils as well as jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage. I don't know about it being an aphrodisiac since it kind of reminded me of a time in my childhood when the toys that were "in" were the flubber-like goo. And although it smelt good, it was too febreeze-scented for my liking. I prefer fruity or more sensual smells. I won't be purchasing this product only because of the scent, I probably will if I end up finding another scent.

And finally, the Honey I washed the Kids soap has got me HOOKED! I have been using this for the past few days now and I want MORE MORE MORE! Wait till you hear this... You will want to purchase it too... It's got a buttery/caramel/toffee scent that lathers so smoothly onto your skin and creates foam that you'll want to keep on your skin ALL DAY LONG! Another one of LUSH's A+ products!

I cannot WAIT to go back to LUSH and buy more! I am seriously OBSESSED. I am addicted.

P.S. Do any of you have LUSH products? If so, got any suggestions for me? If not, is there any LUSH products that you have heard of and would like me to review?


  1. ah i love lush once you try it youll never go back.

    Helen, X

  2. That is a FACT as you can see lol. Thanks for the comment Helen! :)

  3. I really like the coal face peeling/cleanser bar (except for the liquorice smell.. waahh.. I hate liquorice!). I got it around Christmas last year and used it every day twice ever since - and still have a little under half of it. I love lush!

    For the ones who ask themselves why somebody would use a face product smelling like something you don't like at all.. coal face is really great for you skin!! So I bit the bullet and just deal with it.

  4. Oh wow you still have it till now?! That's amazing. I don't like licorice either, but I will go check it out, if they have other scents then FOR SURE I'll buy it!

    Thanks for your input Katie! xx

  5. I am addicted to Lush too!! Full of Grace and Fresh Farmacy are some of my faves!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  6. I've just noted those down! Definitely gonna check them out on my next LUSH trip! Thanks for the comment! xx

  7. I loved all the products, love to buy everyone and everyone should smell really good! :))

    I enjoyed very much for your visit on my blog, I loved it! Thanks

    Kisses (from Rio de Janeiro / Brazil)

  8. Sí Renata, todos los productos son muy MUY bueno! Soy una apasionada de LUSH! Lol.

    Muchas gracias por visitar mi blog también! xx

  9. I love LUSH such a nice way to bathe:)

  10. For sure! LUSH gives you THEE ultimate bath experience! lol.

    Thanks for the comment xx

  11. Wow the Brazened Honey fresh face mask sounds promising! Definitely gotta check it out..

    Great post hun.. thanks =)

  12. Yes! You have GOT to check it out if you've been looking for a face mask! It exfoliates really well and is good for all skin types! The only problem I'd say I have with it is that it expires since it is a freshly made face mask :( so you have a limited time to use it!

    Thank youuuu! xx

  13. Honey I washed the kids is my favorite!!!

  14. It is AMAZING! The scent of it is so yummy I could eat it! Thanks for the comment Skye xx

  15. I have actually never purchased lush before either..They just put a store in the mall near me so I cant believe I haven't been in there ( i actually had been in one in the city last year but didnt purchase anything. That MASK u tried though seems awesome and I wanna try it
    .I am your newest follower..Check me out if you have a chance and follow me if you like what u see..Hope 2 talk to u soon..

  16. You should definitely check it out! The mask is REALLY good! Thanks for the follow I'll check out your blog soon! :)


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