Friday, February 4, 2011

My top 6 picks: Handbags

Browsing through the different collections of this Spring 2011's handbags and choosing 6 out of them all was very tough, I had to narrow it down from 20 that I really liked! What I noticed about this season is that there were so much handbags that had tassels on them! Whether they were clutches, shoulder bags, totes, etc... All different sizes and colors! So I guess you ladies know what to be carrying around for this spring! Starting from left to right.

  • Diane von Furstenberg blue-black metallic clutch - I really liked the design on this; we all know by now that DVF is infamous for her designs and for using the right colors. And so when I saw this, I couldn't resist, I HAD to make this one of my top 6!
  • DKNY beige tote - Perfect if you have a lot of things that you want to store in different compartments! It's not only practical but chic as well! 
  • Marc Jacobs red and beige studded clutch - You gotta have a red clutch to go with your red lipstick!
  • Gucci snakeskin-looking metallic clutch with tassels - This is adorable! I would wear this with ANYTHING! A unique look compared to Gucci's usual bags.
  • Roberto Cavalli's snakeskin shoulder handbag - I love the animalistic/jungle look to it! For a more bohemian look.
  • Alexander Wang's belted leather grey handbag - I have never seen a handbag like this before! With belts all over! It is definitely one of a kind. This man is a genius!
P.S. Which handbag do you like best?


    1. The Roberto C's is just gorgeous!


    2. Tell me about it! The bag alone could dress up the whole outfit! Thanks for the comment xx

    3. Absolutely love the Alexander Wang bag!

    4. Right?! It's AMAZING!

      Thanks for the comment xx

    5. That bag below on the left is what I want :D

    6. Oh yes! The DKNY beige tote is to die for! Very sophisticated and chic! Thanks for the comment Kaya! :)


    Thanks for commenting fellow Diem-er! xx