Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My top 6 picks: High heels

 So I've decided to start doing a feature on my blog on my top 6 picks of the season, and I thought, "What better way to start than with high heels?" You see, I have been a heels-fanatic ever since I started wearing heels! And so, I give you my picks from this season's Spring 2011; It's kind of difficult to choose ONLY 6 out of the hundreds that I liked. Start off from the top going clock-wise.
  • Jerome C. Rousseau pastel green and beige heels - I can just imagine wearing these with beige pants and a white top! It would make your outfit pop out so much more! Ahhh what I would do to get my hands on these heels...
  • Pierre Hardy blue high heels - What I liked the most about these is that they are the women heels version of loafers. Wear them out for a casual daytime look with flared jeans.
  • Balenciaga gold-plated buckle heels - I love that the buckles of these heels imitate a belt's buckle! And that is why I have chosen these as one of my top 6. Also, the color attracted me since I haven't seen a color that has an orange/camel tone to it.
  • Pierre Hardy heels - I know, this is my second Pierre Hardy choice, but I had to choose this one for the inner animal within yourselves.
  • Tabitha Simmons striped heels - These are quite unique, the first word that comes to mind when looking at these heels was "circus" so shall we say they are "circus-chic"? Definitely something I would wear out all day, everyday (if it wasn't for the -13 degree Celsius weather out)
  • Gianvito Rossi strappy black wedges - Every lady's got to have a little black dress... The same goes with black heels. And these wedges would go with any outfit that you can think of... Don't believe me? Think of any outfit in your closet and imagine wearing these heels with it.
P.S. Which heels do you ladies like the best?


    1. Those black wedges with the straps... ugh, I've been wanting a pair forever! They remind my of the Givenchy corset wedges, to die for! And the yellowish/gold heels, love them! <3

    2. I agree! They do look like Givenchy's but I think these are a lot sexier because of the straps! Ahh, if only we were millionaires ey? And yes!! The balenciaga's are amazing! I feel like it's the buckle that made all the difference!

      Thanks for the follow, I will FOR SURE check out your blog today! xx

    3. Great Post!!! I love the shoes!!! I love your blog.

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    4. Thanks so much! Your comment means a lot! xx

    5. me encanta tu blog, Gracias por pasar !!!
      un besazo

    6. Muchas gracias! Tu blog es muy lindo! Muy buen trabajo!


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