Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pearls & Bows

Do you have ballerina flats that you have and never will wear but you find a waste to throw out? Then you've come to the right place my friend! I've recently been thinking about purchasing black flats with straps that are like bows when I thought, "I already have black flats, why buy new ones and throw these out?" Not to mention that I'm running low on cash (c'est la vie of a university student) And that is when I came up with this idea. And it took 15 minutes to do!

Step #1: Stick on some reinforcement labels to both sides of your flats making sure that they are proportional. (The reinforcement stickers are to make sure that you punch the hole right in the middle)

Step #2: Punch the holes using your paper hole puncher (DUH!) and then remove the stickers.

Step #3: Cut the black ribbon about 50 cm long for both pairs of flats and put them through the holes.

Step #4: Next, take the self-adhesive pearls (you can choose any other self-adhesive gems such as crystal studs; just make sure they stick well, if they don't put on some super glue) and stick them on to your flats. (You can put them anywhere your heart desires, that is the beauty of DIY projects! Be creative and let your imagination run wild!)

And voilà! The end result...
And you know what else? Besides the ballerinas, everything was from a Dollar store! So I spent 5 CAD on shoes that are good as new! Yay!

Another way you could do this: Instead of using the ribbon as straps; you could make flats with bows and just punch two holes on to the top of your ballerinas instead of the sides and follow the steps.


  1. do the bows actually stay on the ballerinas? the first thing i thought of is using those pearls that are really needles and kind of bend them away or something but that most likely would end up in a terrible accident. haha.

  2. by bows i really meant pearls... sorry about that! :)

  3. Haha yes I can imagine that would end up badly, I can picture it now... (Especially that I can be VERY clumsy at times)But yes, they do stay on! I wore them through rain AND snow and they stayed on! But if they don't, like I said in the post, it would be best to superglue them on. xx


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