Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Take a bow

So I decided to do another post on cute accessories that I found while surfing the net. Ahh! I want them all! They're all so adorable! And the rings are making me itch and scratch all over! This ring addiction is getting to me! (For those of you who have just started reading my blog, you will realize how much of an obsession I have with rings) So most of these I had found while browsing through sites randomly, so I don't really have the prices to show. But it's all about the eye-candy. So enjoy it laydies!

  1. Rose gold with sapphires kiss pendant from Mytheresa - N/A (Another one of my other obsessions: lips)
  2. <3 Love symbol necklace from Punkypins - 13 CAD (For all you technology-devotees - including moi)
  3. I love gardening pendant necklace from Accessorize - N/A
  4. I heart London pendant necklace from Topshop - N/A (The black cab is enough to represent London! I miss London so much!)
  5. Isabel Marant Sodalite and brass charm necklace - 175 CAD (This is super cute! It's not clearly shown but for all you tulip lovers out there, its got a pink tulip charm and a black silk tassel)
  6. Lips crystal-stud earrings by Betsey Johnson - N/A
  7. Pink macaron ring - N/A (Yum! I would die to have a macaron right now! I'm not sure where this is from but a similar one can be found here)
  8. Dior Oui ring - N/A (With a cute ring like this who could say "non"?)
  9. Play it again ring from ModCloth - about 8 CAD (For all you music lovers that wanna represent, you can purchase this ring here)
  10. Moschino's Cheap and Chic card suit ring - 68 CAD (It can be worn separately, or altogether)
  11. Dior Rose gold rose ring - N/A (I personally am a BIG fan of rose gold! It would DEFINITELY be my choice of gold between white gold, yellow gold and rose gold no doubt!)
 P.S. Which accessory did you like the best?


  1. I'd love that macaron ring

    Check out my post with the most gorgeous miniature jewellery from tiny tasty:

  2. Tell me about it! A cute accessory to complete the outfit! Thanks for the comment :)

    And I'll check your post out now! xx

  3. great finds. My favorites are the gardening necklace and the rose ring.

  4. @Bethany: Right? They are all fantastic pieces!

    @Fashion urbia: I can really see your taste by your choices! They are super adorable!

    Thanks for the comments laydeez! :)

  5. what a cute jewelry! love them!


  6. hei,

    Thank you for your comment on our blog.We don't have Laduree in Romania either..that's why we had to fly to Paris :))) kidding:P
    kiss kiss

  7. This stuff is great!!
    I think I've got the same ring addiction :)
    lovely blog, x

  8. @mag: They're adorable right?! I want them all all all!

    @AB FAB Team: Lol well what better place to try them at than Paris itself right?

    @Femke de Groot: Thank you so much! Yeah this ring addiction kills me sometimes because my heart breaks everytime I see a cute ring that I can't get! lol

    Thank you all for the comments! :) xx

  9. love all of it! rings have gotten so fun! brands are doing really cute things with them.
    thanks for commenting on my Mila post! and yes, I think her and Natalie both lost about 20 lbs for their roles.. they were so teeny to begin with!

  10. i love the 'oui' ring, so unique! thanks for following my on ifb, i just stopped by and am now a follower!

  11. @Sarah: Yeah they are! Aldo has a bunch of cute rings, the other day I saw they had a cute owl ring! And it's true about Natalie and Mila they are tiny! I don't get why they had to lose more weight! Thanks for your comment! :)

    @Elizabeth: Yeah! That ring is so cute! It's been spotted on the actress Emma Watson and model Karlie Kloss! Thanks for the follow! x

  12. hi! thanks so much for visiting me :) i love your blog!! i'm so totally obsessed with the dior oui ring too!! it's seriously perfection! haha

    following you now!

  13. @Tereza Anton: They are super adorable!! Thanks for the comment xx

    @Lisa: Yes it issss! :( I want ittt lol. Thanks for the follow :)


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