Sunday, February 6, 2011

Vin de Glacé

So, if any of you have been keeping up-to-date with my blog or my twitter, you would know that I recently tried Ice Wine; something I've never even heard of before my mom came to visit me in Good Ol' Montreal. She was in Toronto before this and had gone to Niagara Falls when one of the taxi drivers she rode with had said that her visit to Toronto would not be complete without trying Niagara's infamous Ice Wine called, "Magnotta Riesling Ice Wine" which is known as Cabernet Franc Icewine from the Niagara Peninsula. And so, she went and tried it and instantly fell in love; she said that it tasted like cherries and strawberries and had no hint of alcohol whatsoever. My mom is not a wine drinker, or a big alcohol fan for that matter. So for her to say that, it means that it actually is really good! She had bought a bottle of this coming to Montreal when they had confiscated it from her at the airport.

And she kept telling me about it and bringing it up, she was so mad about the fact that they had confiscated it because she wanted me to try it! So I decided to go get her some Ice Wine to make her happy (and also because I was intrigued) Unfortunately, they didn't have the Magnotta Ice Wine that she was talking about, so I bought the "L'Orpailleur Ice Wine" which was suggested to me by the sales attendant and is made in Quebec (on the far right of the picture)

And OH MY GOD! It was love at first sip! I have never tasted something so incredibly heavenly and delectable! The succulent taste of peaches and pears persisted on my tongue leaving an amazing after taste and the sweet aroma of fruits lingered in my nose. It is also swallowed smoothly and my mom was right, it doesn't taste like alcohol at all. By far, THEE best wine EVER! I am surprised by the fact that I had never heard of this wine until now! My taste buds will never be the same again!

Let me tell you a bit about what makes ice wine what it is... It is produced using grapes that have been frozen for some time while still on its' vine; which allows the water within the grapes to be frozen and thus allows a highly concentrated sugar and acid to be squeezed out producing sweet ice wine. It is known as a "dessert wine" and is eaten with certain types of cheeses as well as desserts. It was founded in Germany by a man (unidentified since it was in the 1700s) who had mistakenly created ice wine, or 'eiswein' as it is called there, instead of normal wine! The world's leading producers of ice wine are Canada and Germany. And according to readings, the "King" of ice wine is Ontario. Of course, they've all got to be served chilled between 6 degrees Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius for the best ice wine experience! I recommend this wine to everyone and anyone who is a fan of wine! Even if you aren't, it is an experience that you must undergo! I am definitely going to be trying different types of ice wine!

P.S. Has anyone tried ice wine before? If so, which one and how did it taste? Any recommendations?

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