Friday, February 18, 2011

With every heartbeat...

One of the trends for this Spring/Summer 2011 is '70's Glam' or 'Hyper Color' as some people call it. Bringing back color to outfits. For some reason when I was done compiling this outfit together I thought of Samantha Jones from SATC. Doesn't it look very Samantha-esque? Anyway, I'm a big fan of couleur so I'm really excited to shop for colorful outfits for this spring/summer! But, be warned ladies... With colorful outfits you have to make sure the palettes all go together and make sure not to wear too many different colors or else you will look like a walking rainbow... and we don't want that now, do we? So watch out for some colorful garments for this season, and color up your world and life with some vibrant outfits!

  • Gold-plated lightning bolt earrings from House of Fraser - 83 CAD (This is the only jewelry piece I put on the collage because the outfit is already dressy themselves with the colors and the belt; anything more will make the outfit seem too much. If I were to wear this outfit I might not even wear the earrings with it, just a sleek high bun.)
  • Gold stiletto heels by Gucci - N/A (Spring 2011 collection)
  • Vanessa Bruno Tapered crepe pants - 420 CAD
  • Brick Twist Front Chiffon Blouse from Topshop - 88 CAD (To be tucked into pants)
  • Gold tassel belt by Gucci - 999 CAD (I love this Gucci belt! It can be seen on Camilla Belle. With this oufit, tie the belt right under the knot of the blouse)
  • Vlieger & Vandam Guardian Angel clutch in yellow - 189 CAD (I love this clutch! For those of you who don't know, Vlieger & Vandam are known for having embossed knives and guns on their bags.)
P.S. What do you think of the 70's Glam trend? Would you sport it out and if so, which colors would you mix and match?


  1. this outfit does remind me of Samantha! the top, especially - she would totally wear that with the belt
    great eye!

  2. Yeah! It's so weird I finished putting the collage together and thought of her! I guess I have a Samantha side to me I didn't know about lol.

    Thank you for your comment! :)

  3. i am also obsessed with that gold gucci belt. I loved how they used it on the runway. check my blog out if you get the chance!


  4. Yeah! Same here!! If you check out Camilla Belle's photo you'll see that it's an exact replica of how it was worn on the runway. Thanks for the comment oystergirl! I'll check out your blog right now xx

  5. I love the pants! All of these pieces are great with such a modern touch!

  6. Yeah! Tapered pants are REALLY in now! They can be seen all over the runway for this s/s 2011! Thanks for the comment JayMarie! xx

  7. Fierce!!! Im diggin this outfit for the spring.

  8. Yea I love how this season is so colorful! A lot more spring trends to be posted too! Soon soon! :)


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