Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another double C

I know I've been posting up a lot of Chanel videos and products but I can't help it! I've been in love. And this video promoting the Rouge Coco Shine is so full of attitude I had to share! I love the way they've integrated photography into the video! Not to mention the GORGEOUS model! (If any of you know her name let me know!) Enjoy it ladies!

Don't forget to visit for more information on their latest products! I know it sounds like I'm promoting them right now, but I'm not, I'm just obsessed...

I want that Liberté shade.


  1. i thought it was vanessa paradis who was the model for coco rouge but obviously im wrong haha, whoever it is in the video, she's also gorgeous, pfft! ;) xx

  2. Isn't she?! I just found out through one of my friends (who knows every single model in the business - not personally but she's obsessed with them) that this is Sigrid Agren.


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