Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Authentic Artist: Tim Burton

While surfing the net, I came across Tim Burton's exhibit at The Museum of Modern Art in NYC which was back in 2009. Tim Burton is a film director, writer, producer as well as an artist! I had no idea he was an artist though until I came across this article. Sure, I had heard of his style before but never in art; only movies. I also know that he collaborates with Johnny Depp a lot (as seen in Edward Scissorhands and Alice in Wonderland) as well as his wife, Helena Bonham-Carter (who appears in most of his movies such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sweeny Todd and so on... P.S. I find that it is SO cute how he always has to have an eccentric role for his wife to play!) He even started out in the art industry before anything! Burton studied Animation at the California Institute of Art and soon after he graduated he was working for Walt Disney's Productions Animation Studio. Insane huh? His first job at Walt Disney's!

He even has his own book called, "The Art of Tim Burton" which includes 1,000 illustrations! I definitely want to purchase this book! His illustrations can be termed as "gothic/cartoon" or even "eerie/dark art" however, a lot of people say that it is his "twisted view and approach to life." I personally love his work, after looking through a couple of his illustrations I find that they are, in fact, twisted but that's what intrigues me to look at his drawings!

He has such a unique style and his work keeps you thinking about how one can view such bizarre things and translate them on to paper as a form of self-expression. That is how he made a name for himself! I love how there's an oddity to Burton's art!

What's even more amazing is that he had a huge influence on Fashion at one point. In 2009, there was a Tim Burton Fashion show and a Harper's Bazaar photo shoot done and my first thoughts about it was, "How can something so strange and unusual be so chic and HAUTE?!" I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...
(I would definitely wear the red dress!)
P.S. What do you think of Tim Burton and his work?

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