Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bronzer du jour

So I've been going crazy looking for a bronzer (well overdue since my other one had cracked into pieces and I was STILL using it) and I came across this one, Bourjois' Délice de Poudre. I had seen a couple of reviews about it but didn't think much of it until I actually saw it in Pharmaprix! As soon as I saw it I knew I HAD to have it!

First of, for all you diem-ers, if you have been reading my blog you will know how much of a psycho I am when it comes to scents; whether it is floral, vanilla, coconut, fruity scents I go crazy! And this bronzer will make you go nuts for it because of its delicious chocolate aroma! YUM! 

Second of all, it's got SUCH a smooth texture I could hardly believe how easily I could apply it on my face so smoothly! The texture is unbelievable. 

And lastly, it looks UH-MAY-ZING! It's a matte bronzer with hints of glitter so it's not too shiny nor too dull looking, which is PERFECT! It does it's job AMAZINGLY! And I quote what one of my friends said, "Is that the bronzer you bought?! It looks amazing on!" 

The only problem I'd have to say with this product is that it comes only in two different shades, so it might not suit fairer skin tones in my opinion. But nonetheless, you all definitely need to check this out!

The 2 shades it comes in are (Check the collage):

  • 51 - Peaux Claires / Medianes (Which is the one I have)
  • 52 - Peaux Mates / Halées
P.S. Have you ever tried this bronzer? What is your Bronzer du jour?


  1. EEEE I've read a couple reviews on this but yours... I'm SOLD!

    I need to keep my eyes peeled for this, because we don't have it here yet! Bummmmer.

  2. so cute! following you now :)

    my current fav bronzer is tarte's mineral bronzer in park ave princess!

  3. nice blog!
    maybe you can visit and follow mine too? :)

  4. @Nora Schu: Thank you!! It really is amazing! I was most surprised by the scent! I've never heard of a blush/bronzer that had one! Ahh that's really annoying but I'm sure there's a way you could get it online?

    @Ashley Borysewich: Thanks so much! I am DYING to try Tarte's products! I've read so much about them I'm thinking I need to go on a Tarte-spree soon! Thanks for the follow!

    @maRyya: Thanks I'll check your blog out soon :)


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