Thursday, March 3, 2011

Brows brows brows

I've never really been one to fill in my brows until recently when I went to MAC for a makeover. The reason for this is because everytime I had purchased a brow pencil it never was the right shade for me, either it was too black or too brown (I've got black eyebrows) This made me look kind of tranny-looking... So I just never bothered to fill them in. 

So when I went to MAC and the lovely makeup artist had filled my brows in for me I fell in love with how thick my eyebrows looked AND they looked SO natural! MAC's eyeshadow in Concrete is THEE perfect dark brown for my eyebrows and when I fill them in with Personelle's angled contour eyeshadow brush it spreads the shadow out so evenly that it makes my eyebrows look natural.

I would suggest this product to everyone whose eyebrows are black/dark brown. It is definitely way better to use a shadow rather than an eyebrow pencil as it does make it look more natural.

P.S. What do you laydeez use for your eyebrows?


  1. Filling in your eyebrows can really make a difference! I'm using a random clinique sample eyeshadow palette that happens to have the perfect brown color which blends in naturally with my eyebrows =)

  2. Yeah! I've definitely seen a difference with my brows! What is the Clinique shadow called? Eyeshadows are THEE way to go when filling in your brows that's for sure! Thanks for the comment! :)

  3. Here I am! Thanx for stopping by! Lovely blog!
    You have a new follwer!

  4. I have black eyebrows as well....and i must say i never use anything to fill them up, as they are pretty thick already :) it just doesn't feel natural...but this post made me think, so maybe i'll go to an expert to show me how to do it and what color should i use....i'm just really sad i can't buy MAC products in my country :) oh well...


  5. I know what you mean!! I thought that as well, that it looked too fake to fill in but with eyeshadows it blends it out evenly so it really looks natural and since the trend for eyebrows is now thick it is amazing to use!

    If you've got black eyebrows trust me this color would suit you, you could always order MAC online, or if it's too much of a hassle, try to find a shadow that has a really dark brown tone to it, don't get a black one or else it'll look too much. That's just my opinion though.

    Thanks for the comment .sparkle*! :)


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