Thursday, March 10, 2011

Colors of the wind

Found this beautiful painting on not sure what the painting is called but I thought it was so pretty and there is so much symbolism within it it's crazy. It was painted by Josephine Wall. Looking at this picture, I can almost hear Pocahontas' song Colors of the Wind? It kind of reminds me of that.

  • My first thoughts was that it is Mother Nature. Since everything that surrounds her has got to do with nature from the butterflies to the waves of the ocean. 
  • Another thing that I thought it might symbolize is freedom because everything is flying and moving in the same direction. Which brings me to my next thought...
  • Equality between all species alike. Since the butterflies, eagle, birds, dragonflies, leaves, swans and the woman are altogether. 
  • It could even be about spirituality since there are a lot of feathers. In the Native American Indian cultures, feather symbolized the power of the thunder gods, with the power of wind and air.
  • This painting could also symbolize the beauty of life and everything within it (I think it's pretty clear why: the colors, the animals, the plants, the feather, the woman, and so on...)
These are the types of paintings I love because when you dissect it from top to bottom you are able to come up with a million different thoughts as to what it is about and there is no answer because in the end it is art. And it's all about what YOU see and feel.

P.S. What do you think this painting could be about?

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