Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lavande Love

Another trend I found becoming increasingly popular is the full-on lavender eye shadows. I attempted to create this look from the magazines below using pink-tones for my cheek and lips instead of peach. Which works quite well. This look would suit all eye colors however purple and green eye shadow palettes are known to accentuate brown eyes. So to all of you brown-eyed ladies out there, you're in luck! I didn't want to apply the shadow all the way up to the brow bone as I do have a rather big space between my eye lid and brow bone so I didn't think it would've looked good. But to all you ladies out there I suggest you give it a whirl like the models below!

Here are some suggestions for lavender eye shadows:
  • Anna Sui's eye color accent shadow in 'Vivid Lavender' - 29 CAD
  • NARS exclusive single eyeshadow in 'Party Monster' - 22 CAD
  • GOSH waterproof eyeshadow in 'Love that Violet!' - 13 CAD (Which is what I applied on my upper and lower lashlines)
  • YSL's 5 color harmony for eyes in 'Lilac Sky' - 55 CAD
  • Urban Decay Stardust Eyeshadow in 'Moon Spoon' - 19 CAD
  • Estee Lauder's single purecolor eyeshadow in 'Lilac Whimsy' - 20 CAD (I applied this all over the top of my eyelids)

Left: GLAMOUR Magazine MARCH 2011 issue. Right: LOULOU Magazine MARCH 2011 issue.

P.S. What are your thoughts on this beauty trend? Lavender-licious or Lavender-ditch-it?


  1. Actually very pretty, so lavender-licious..but maybe just not on me. Depends how brave I feel :)

  2. wow greta interpretation.. looks lovely

  3. Wauuu, so cute :)

    I must say i never tried this color...I'm pretty boring when it comes to make-up :P i always use "safe" colors like brown or beige :) a little experimenting wouldn hurt!


  4. @Tracy D: It's always good to step out of your comfort zone because you never know, you might end up loving the style.

    @Delyteful Speaks: Thank you!!

    @.sparkle*: Definitely! Experimenting is always good! And for sure this would suit you considering you've got blond hair and green eyes. WHY NOT?! :p

  5. I've always been a big fan of lavender. Any shade of purple is a must have it goes with every eye color :) I love your blog its very beautiful. I will definitely check back for more of your updates. I'm a big health and beauty fanatic as well.

    Thanks for coming by my blog! (it's under construction) So please keep posted!


  6. That's definitely true! Purple does suit with every eye color. Thank you so much Amatista! :)


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