Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Polish Lovin' Post: Gold Coin

Another Revlon product I purchased recently was their new metallic nail polish in Gold Coin and I am loving it! I have been searching for a gold polish color for a while now, and when I saw this I couldn't resist! What I like the most about it is when you apply the first coat it seems like you've already put two coats on! And once you do apply two coats the color really pops out (as you can see in the picture above) And the best thing about gold nail polish is that it goes with everything and you don't need to wear bling to dress and outfit up with this! (Ok, maybe just a necklace...)

The only thing I'd have to say about this product that could be a con (I'm not sure yet?) is that when you're in a dimly lit area, it looks more silver than it does gold. Other than that, Revlon has not yet ceased to amaze me with their products!

P.S. What gold nail polish brands do you use? (If you have one) If not, which ones have you heard good reviews about?


  1. I have really bad experiences with gold nail polish =)

    But thanks for the review!

  2. Yes I guess everyone has their good and bad experiences with different nail polish but I've been wearing Gold Coin for a few days now and it matches with ALL my outfits! I love it! Thanks for the comment xx


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