Monday, April 11, 2011

A real-life fantasy

So I've actually had this eyeshadow palette for a while, everytime my mom goes and buys perfumes (which she is OBSESSED with) or makeup she ends up buying me a thing or two too! And so she bought me this (I can't be too sure when exactly or if they are still available) The Estée Lauder Deluxe Eyeshadow Compact has got SO many different shades that you can blend together! And it's a mix of satins, shimmers and matte eye shadows. And the packaging is SO classic. Lav it!

Here are the shades it has, which I'm sure you can find individually (From left to right, top to bottom):
  • 43 - Polished Platinum SHIMMER
  • 10 - Ivory Slipper SATIN
  • 13 - Tranquil Moon SATIN
  • 01 - Pink Flash SHIMMER
  • 14 - Provocative Plum MATTE
  • 23 - Berry Burst SHIMMER
  • 48 - Silver Bell SHIMMER (Which is what I used along my eyelids)
  • 47 - Nude Fresco SATIN 
  • 35 - Hot Cinnamon SHIMMER
  • 73 - Peacock Blue SHIMMER (Then I used this right in the middle of my eyelids)
  • 46 - Flirty Lilac SHIMMER
  • 63 - Tempting Mocha SHIMMER
  • 71 - Enchanted Forest SHIMMER
  • 38 - Chocolate Bliss MATTE (I used this on my brows)
  • 44 - Safari Green SHIMMER
  • 60 - Sugar Biscuit SATIN 
  • 19 - Winking Periwinkle SATIN
  • 09 - Amethyst Spark SHIMMER (I used this on the sides of my lids and blended it into the socket line to create a smoky effect)
So I played around and did a purple/blue smoky eyeshadow look and the pictures above were the end result!
P.S. What do you think of Estée Lauder's eyeshadows?


  1. Oooh, the palette looks so fun to play around with! You look great!

  2. It is a lot of fun! I love palettes just because there is so much you can do with them! There's this one palette in particular that I'm after which is the e.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette, which is only $20!! You should check it out!

    Thanks so much Sylvia! :)

  3. Lovely, and I always appreciate when there is a good mix of matte, satin & shimmer shadows too :)

  4. The hair and the so sexy. I love this eyeshadow palette. You look hot xoxo!

  5. @Tracy D: I know exactly what you mean! Since your in Canada, you can get eyeshadows from Anabelle and make a palette of what ever you want, and they're not dangerous to your wallet either! Just a suggestion... Thanks for the comment!

    @Alya: THANKS LOVAAAA! Xxxx


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