Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Polish Lovin' Post: Ocean Breeze

With summer here, I'm trying my best to do as much posts as I can since I have been going out a lot to enjoy the sunshine and the life that has reappeared in the beautiful city of Montreal after the long, long, LOOONG winter months. On another note, my parents went to Joe Cocker's concert back home. Which I am extremely jealous about. For those of you who don't know Joe Cocker, one of his most known songs and a favorite of mine is You are so beautiful. Reminds me of my childhood. So let's get on with this post...

As my addiction to nail polish grows, so does my selection of colors. And as usual, I headed straight for the Revlon section at the drugstore. And ended up finding this unusual, summery color. Ocean Breeze by Revlon is a unique kind of metallic blue-green just like the ocean is. Hence, the name Ocean Breeze. It is one of the scented varnishes that they produce and like I've said before, the scented nail polishes are overrated. The color is what attracted me, not the fact that it's scented. I applied 2 coats with a top and base coat. Even though I feel like it doesn't need a top coat. But an extra layer of shine never hurt a girl, right?

A similar nail polish can be found by OPI in "Austin-tatious Turquoise"

P.S. What do you think of this color?

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