Saturday, August 6, 2011

3s a crowd

Felt inspired by summer time colors, I'm loving outfits that contain neutrals and bright colors at the moment! And just looking at the beauty of colors everywhere during the summer puts a big smile on my face. Especially when it comes to color blocking! When walking the streets of Montreal, you can see all the ladies dressed as such beauties, you can't help but stare! I'm loving it!
  • Grey embroidered mexican print crop top from Topshop - 44 CAD
  • Tan leather fringed cross body bag - 65 CAD
  • Oscar de la Renta 24-karat gold plated cabochon earrings - 285 CAD
  • Mango woven elastic back flat sandals - 44 CAD
  • Pleasure doing business bandaged skirt - 265 CAD
P.S. Which colors have you been pairing together during these wonderful months of summer?


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  2. Thanks so much! I will definitely be checking your blog out xxx


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