Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Enta eih

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Dear Diemers, I know I have been MIA, but I realize that in a city like Montreal, where you hardly get to see the sun, this summer was dedicated to taking full advantage of the summer shine! Now that school has started (as Eminem says) Shady's back... tell a friend! My attempt at being funny at 10:30 PM proves to be a major fail.

So I am currently taking a Visual Presentation course, which is ALL about Adobe Illustrator, and it is THEE program to use for blogs (I realize that now after nearly a year of having my precious). So from now on all my collages will be done through Illustrator. (It takes a while to do, patience is the key) So get ready for some new layouts and themes! Woohoo! Ok, I should get to it then...

The only python, or serpent for that matter, that I will ever allow into my humble abode are these gorgeous Prada python heels! One of the many trends in prints that can be seen on the runways for this season Fall/Winter 2011 are snakeskin prints. Whether in clothes or accessories. But what caught my eye the most were these gorgeous Prada footwear! Especially the beige suede python boots (circled in the collage above). I died and went to boot-heaven when I saw these beauties! I definitely wouldn't mind having them all though... The best part about them is that they could go with EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! And I like the fact that they have a weird heel to them... Is that just me? 

P.S. What do you all think of these gorgeous python boots? To sliver or not to sliver over... That is the question.

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