Friday, September 23, 2011

Sure thing

Throughout these past summer months, I have purchased a BUNCH of beauty products (unspeakable amount) and though some were a complete fail, others such as these, were my loves and products I would for sure repurchase. Maybe not the same colors such as the NARS cream blush and Maybelline lipstick, but definitely the same product of the lines. I'm saying not the same colors, because, and I'm sure a lot of you Diemers would agree, I am very experimental. It was definitely hard to choose 10 products out of the lot that I had purchased, but I chose these because they had exceeded my expectations.

1.          NARS blush in 'MataHari' - As you can see in the picture above, it is a pink blush with a hint of violet, but goes on to your cheeks to look extra rosy (which is great for us olive-toned chikitas!) Loved the pigmentation, i'm certain that all you beauty lovers know this about NARS. I would apply this on to go with product #7 and product #9 on the list. (I will talk more about that once I get to it)

2.         Tarte's 'smooth operator Amazonian clay waterproof concealer' in Tan - I had been using Benefit's erase paste for over a year now. And as much as I do love it, it was time for me to venture into the world of concealers and discover new ones. And what better time was that than when I had gone to the one and only Sephora in Toronto's downtown mall 'Eaton Center.' Yes, I had spotted it AS SOON as I had entered and got an almost immediate rush! (Freak much?) So anyway, I had purchased this because I never really owned a concealer stick before, and when I found out it was waterproof, I knew I had to have it! (The humidity in Canada is not bearable without a good air conditioning system) I only have one problem with it though, it starts to streak when you don't retouch it. But other than that, I loved the packaging and the fact that it's easy to smooth on.

3.          Makeup Forever's 'HD Invisible Cover Concealer' - Like I said before, I like to experiment, and I had also bought this in Sephora, the same time as I had got Tarte's, but when I saw this I thought to myself, "Ok, I need another concealer too for when I want to use a liquid type concealer and it's HD! Let's see what kind of technology is being produced in beauty products" Just like with IPad's, and Blackberries, new beauty products need to be purchased to see what the hype is all about! And so, I got this concealer and it is DEFINITELY my new go-to concealer. First of all, it is in a pen-form that has a sort of screw at the end which you have to twist in order to apply the concealer, which I find is amazing because you have complete control over how much you apply. No excess wasted! And it truly does hide every "imperfection" you may have, leaving your face eyebag-free! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

4.           Beauty Rush's 'Candy, Baby' moisture body lotion - So another place I went to during my trip to Toronto's "Eaton Center" was Victoria's Secret (which I instantaneously fell in lust with!) I'm so mad that they don't have a store in Montreal, which I had a discussion with the manager about. They had a section dedicated to body spray's, lotions and body wash! And and... They had a 3 lotion for $25 offer! I couldn't resist... And although I bought 3 different scents. The one that I'm particularly infatuated is this one! It's got a cotton candy scent that is so overpowering that people sitting 5 feet across from where I am can smell it. I'm so sad that it's nearly done... Thank God for internet shopping, eyy? Definitely advise people who like the smell of "spun sugar and warm vanilla" to purchase this! 

5.            Bourjois' '10 Hour Sleep effect' foundation - I have bought this product twice over the past 3 summer months and we've had a good run. I love that it's got a pump applicator, and that it's really light but gives the perfect amount of coverage. I personally like that it's scented. But I wouldn't recommend it to you peeps who've got sensitive skin because of that. I think it's time for a new foundation though. If you've got recommendations for oily skin types, PLEASE do let me know!

6.            Revlon's 'Quick Dry Top Coat' - This baby has been my life saver throughout the summer! Not only does it give your nails the shine it deserves, it dries them up in no more than 3 minutes! And when it's one of those bright and sunny days and all you want to do is go out ASAP, but your nails are all cracked and chipped, this is the perfect product for you!

7.           Makeup Forever's Aqua eyes in 11L - This much boasted about product has been in every single blog and vlog on the internet! Every YouTube video I have watched, including celebrity makeup, Lisa Eldridge, has used this for the summer months. And I must say, I am impressed with how this product actually does not budge! I hate when eyeliner smears all over your face and especially when no one tells you about it! This eyeliner is a metallic purple color that I would wear on my bottom lashes with NARS' MataHari blush and Maybelline's Fifth Ave. Fuschia. I wore this look so many times this summer I can't even recall how many. Definitely a 10/10 product!

8.           NARS' Cream blush in 'Cactus Flower' - Another one of the looks I wore a lot this summer was using this cream blush by applying it on my cheeks as well as my lips. I had even received compliments and a friend even purchased this product because she loved it too! It is a blend of red and orange (a poppy color) with a hint of shimmer. I would only wear this with some mascara and I was good to go! A summer 'au naturelle' look, if you asked me to describe it.

9.          Maybelline's 'Fifth Ave. Fuschia' color sensational lipstick - This lipstick is a dupe of Yves Saint Laurent's Rouge pur Couture hot pink shade! It is an exceptional lipstick for those of you who don't want to kill your credit card's soul. It has a smooth cream consistency and applies really well. 

10.        Lavanila Laboratories 'Pure Vanilla' perfume - And last but not least, the best product by far on my summer beauty list was this fantastic perfume! And I'm honestly surprised that I have never heard of this product line before. The "Lavanila Laboratories" have a range of lotions, perfumes, and many more beauty products that all contain vanilla scents! And they had different sorts of perfumes all with hints of vanilla. For instance, they had a blackberry mixed with vanilla scent! Which, I must say, I was really intrigued by. But I decided to go for the Pure Vanilla scent for starters. Although it is pricey, it is worth every cent! The best thing about it is that 3 sprays and it stays on all night! I can't tell you how many times people came up to me to get a whiff of the vanilla scent! The only thing that I wasn't impressed by is the packaging... It's so dull and seems uninteresting. If I hadn't been browsing through every single product in Sephora for two hours (no joke), I wouldn't have noticed it.

P.S. Have you tried any of these products? If so, which one and what did you think?

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