Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Un Jour

 So, after a trip to Chapters (the local bookstore in Montreal) I ended up purchasing a novel called "One Day" which I found in the best sellers aisle, only to realize afterwards that a movie was made on it! Yippee! So I decided to finish the novel (which I successfully did last week) but, unfortunately, have not had the time to watch the movie, and now it's not showing anymore. Boohoo! I guess I'll just wait for it to come out online! (So I shall update this again once I have seen the movie to tell you whether it did the book justice or not)

The novel is amazing! It had every single thing I look for in a novel: laughter, love and tragedy. It is not really set anywhere, since the characters (Dexter and Emma) are always travelling to other countries. However, most of the book is set in England. And in the movie (judging by the trailer) it's fun to see how Jim Sturgess (as seen in 21) and Anne Hathaway (as seen in The Devil wears Prada) act the parts of Dexter and Emma. The reason being is because they both have to put on British accents.

Check it out yourself...

The story takes place over a span of 20 years where they meet each time during "St. Swithin's Day." I, obviously, can't say more. But at times, I found myself laughing hysterically into the book, it's the kind of book that makes you question whether fate and destiny actually exist. All I have to say is "Well done Mr. Nicholls!"

P.S. Have any of you read the novel or seen the movie? If so, was it a two thumbs up or was it just a fail?

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