Thursday, November 3, 2011

1 year blogiversary post (cacao 70)

For my one year blogiversary, I have decided to review my first ever cafe. I know this is the travel section, but when you travel, you like to explore different cuisines. And so if ever you, Diemers, decide to come and visit Montreal, Cacao 70 is definitely one to check out. It is the new hotspot in downtown, which opened up about a month ago. (I was going nearly every single day since it was right opposite my college) It's atmosphere is perfect for some quality time alone, whether you want to do some school work, read a book, or in my case... Do some blog work. It is famous for its hot chocolates, whether you want some dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate hot coco. They've got it!

They've even got a variety of desserts such as ice cream sundaes and crepes. Feeling like something salty? They provide their customers with savoury crepes as well as salads and sandwiches. The staff are so incredibly helpful and nice it's honestly hard to not love this place! They even provide you with free wi-fi. Honestly cannot get enough, I've been recommending this place to all my friends and have even Skyped with my family back home to show them the place!

P.S.: I recommend the Tanzania 75% hot chocolate (If you are a salty chocolate lovah!)

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