Thursday, November 3, 2011

1 year blogiversary post (metallic eyes)

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The picture definitely does no justice as to how shiny my eyelids are. However, from my beauty trends post for this season, I decided to do another one of the trends this time featuring the Metallic Eyes look in the easiest way possible. In that post, I had got a comment from fellow blogger, Tracy D, and so I not only dedicate this post to my one year blogiversary but also to you, to show you that shimmer isn't so intimidating if applied in the right way.

First, I applied Mac's eyeshadow in "Cork" all over my lid and upwards towards my brow in order to give it a "cat-eye" look and then blended the edges. Using Cork again, I took it under my eye on my lower lash line to define my eyes. I, then, continued on to apply Bare Escentuals' Prime Time Prime Shadow (one of my FAVOURITE products of the moment, I shall be purchasing it in a variety of colors!) in "Sundance" which is an amazing shade of gold with shimmer, and applied it with my finger in a circular shape right in the middle of my lids to imitate the sun's shape.

And voilá! There you have it ladies! A subtle metallic eyes look!

P.S. If there are any more of this season's trends you would like me to replicate, please don't be shy to give your suggestions!


  1. Aren't you sweet!! I think this looks beautiful on you, but I guess where my fear comes is that as we get older we don't want to shimmer too brightly ...just in case it's shining a light on any wrinkles, etc. So even though you've showed me how great it can be, I think I have a few years on you and so I'm still just a little shimmer shy. Happy blog-a-versary :)

  2. Great look! It's very natural yet chic. I could see this as a perfect makeup routine for university. Thanks for sharing! :)


  3. Thanks for sharing Angelica. Eh ana ba3arif bi lebnan heik 3am tamli mikyaj heik lol, it is rly perfect for uni :)


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