Thursday, November 3, 2011

1 year blogiversary post (tree of strength)

About two days ago, I bought a sketchbook and some Staedler color pencils and decided that I would start sketching again. And this was the first sketch I had decided to do. I guess you all figured by the name that this tree symbolizes strength. But let me go into more detail of what I was thinking.

The tree is alone yet as it grows year after year, it gets stronger and stronger. Although it does get lonely as its' leaves fall to the ground and it covered by ice and snow in winters it keeps on living. The roots help the tree to live, and the one thick big root symbolizes my family keeping me up on my feet. 

In green is "strength" in Korean, because just as South Korea had been invaded by the North in 1950 and had crumbled. It is back on top and stronger than ever now. (More symbolism in this, and everyone can justify it with their own reasonings)

P.S. Keep your head up high, be strong and don't ever let anyone take control over you.

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