Tuesday, November 8, 2011

=3 dedication

I had heard about Ray William Johnson about 5 months ago, my friend had told me about him while surfing YouTube and just yesterday, I decided to go through, nearly, all his videos. Which I had, indeed, accomplished. And honestly, I cannot get enough. And after following me on Twitter, you should've seen how I jumped with joy around my apartment after finding out that he followed me too! And so, this is dedicated to you Ray W J. His =3 episodes literally make me lol. That's exactly why I'm addicted to his videos. It takes a lot for me to do so. 

Thing is, usually when you search a celebrity's name on Google, you are able to find out their background from A-Z. With Mr. Ray, all I know is that he went to Columbia University to pursue an education in law. Other than that, it doesn't really say his ethnicity (which is something I really want to find out) Come on Ray, honey, be a dear and tell us all where you're from! 

And I don't think your actual name is Ray William Johnson either. Why you gotta be so mysterious? 

Anyway, you lot gotta watch his videos, he's a funny character, and I personally think he's got charisma! I would LOVE to meet him in person. There's nothing like a man with some funnies *giggle*

Hmm... The reason I've got "WTF?!" on my collage is because of the background painting in which I can almost hear Mr. Ray making fun of it and saying, "WTF does she have behind her?! What is this looney I'm following on Twitter!"  

P.S. here's one of my favourite videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ok5nnlai94k

Oh! And P.P.S.: Ray! Please ease our conscious and tell us where you're actually from! Oh! And who's Puff Puff?

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