Sunday, November 27, 2011

All of the lights

Introducing the works of an extremely talented artist, Nielly Francoise. In her paintings she, uses oil paints and doesn't use the traditional paintbrush, but a knife instead. She is a passionate woman that expresses herself through her art using fluorescent colors. Her paintings remind me of Andy Warhol with his Pop Art movement. However, she describes her art to be more "abstract even though it ends up looking figurative." Her art has only recently come into the public's eye, and out of it, she has collaborated with IRM design to produce her very own line of clothing. And she even has her own line of scarves. (Will be posting it in my Fashion page soon.)

Here's a clip of Nielly explaining her inspiration (gotta love the French accent!):

P.S. Definitely going to attempt to try this out one day!

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