Saturday, November 12, 2011

Do you remember

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My Saturday night has basically been spent looking for all sorts of fashion inspiration, from blogs to music, to tv shows and movies. My laziness has finally caught up to me and my body refuses to get up off of bed. However, it gives me the opportunity to update my blog and introduce a new concept being, "Carpe Diem 13's Inspiration Board."

And to start off with, I have decided to select photos from none other than the infamous photographer, Tommy Ton. These pictures were all taken off the runway during Fashion week in Paris.

These photos make me crave: monochromatic shades of camel, ruffled long sleeves worn under a black blazer (very reminiscent of 17th century England), hot pink and red color-blocking, bracelet and rings fiesta, cherries on my feet, not to mention some s&m strappy heels, and last but not least, modern 'mad men' fashion.

Wish I could have all of these, but I guess for now these pictures will have to suffice.

P.S. Diem-ers, what would you like to see more of on Carpe Diem 13?

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