Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Done using acrylic and oil paint.

I finished this painting back in May, and I guess the jig is up with my name since it's signed right there. It's not that noticeable yet I'm assuming everyone can read it. Anyway, this painting has got a lot of meaning to it, every single thing has a reason as to why it's there. I've hung it up on my living room wall, and all my friends have interpreted it in their own ways, and you all might too. But this is mine:

At the top it is written, "Tingnan mo ang katotohanan" meaning "Look at the reality" in Tagalog (my second language) It is also a part of my favourite filipino song which is called Luha by a band, Aegis.

The red, orange and yellow show the fire and passion that the girl in the painting is feeling and the blue is the coldness he gives off. The green is their mutual feeling, yet it is more on the girl's side because she is keeps giving and giving more than he ever has. The brown at the bottom is how grounded they both are about their feelings. Meaning that they both don't know what on "earth" is going to happen. Read between the lines of that.

The music notes are done upside down, and when played, it plays a song (I will keep that a secret, but if any of you know how to play the piano, you will surely know what it is) The "FIN" is the only thing that is upright, because it was always doomed to end even before it ever began.

P.S. What do you think of this painting? I would really appreciate some feedback or comments.

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