Friday, December 9, 2011

Grotto Fashion Event

So Diem-ers, for those of you who follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I had the opportunity to show my Fashion show co-ordination skills, which was a requirement of one of my courses. Basically, my classmates and I had to organize a Fashion show from A-Z, meaning we had to find sponsors to provide us with clothes, makeup, gifts for goodie bags, cash, etc... We also had to decorate the whole hall, do the PR, as well as hold model castings. Everything, everything, EVERYTHING! We even had to hold a fundraiser for this project at one of the night clubs in Montreal (For those of you who live in Mtl, we held it at Macaroni Bar, where I asked two of my friends to DJ.) And what a success it was! It was hard work, a lot of stress, but DEFINITELY all worth it! And the part I love about it, is the concept, which I came up with (and I had to stand infront of a panel of judges to determine whether my concept was not only unique, but do-able and they chose mine! Woohoo!)

Let me explain the concept: It was called, "Grotto" meaning "cave" and it was a mixture of a Fashion show and exhibition. Basically, three stages were set up of the different categories that you could find inside a cave. And there was a runway that encircled the audience. The 3 different categories had subcategories. So the first category was metals, which consisted of gold and silver. Second category was organics made up of wood and furs (for all the twigs and critters you find in a cave). And last but not least, gems, composed of cold-colored gems and warm-colored gems.

We all helped each other out with everything, but some of us were assigned to be in charge of certain aspects of the fashion show, I was the leader of the hair&makeup crew. Anyway, I'll stop blabbing and show y'all the much-anticipated pictures.

During Rehearsals
During Fashion Show


During rehearsals

During rehearsals

The runway
 These are the pictures I currently have, as soon as I get the video I will be posting it, so stay tuned!!! Looking through these pictures I honestly feel so proud, I have never worked so hard on anything before, and I never imagined how hard it was to put a fashion show together. It's definitely no piece of cake. One thing's for sure though, this course made me realize how much I would love to do event planning/coordinating a fashion show.

P.S. Check out the Hair & Makeup behind-the-scenes here.

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