Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lost soul

Photos taken by Aliya Fikree

Professional camera gifted by mi padre = New blog posts being introduced! Something kind of like "Outfit of the Day" except I don't like the way it sounds, so I'll just give it random names, according to my mood, asper usual. So glad to be back in Dubai, where you can goto the mall in heels and still not be overdressed! Hence, the smiles! I'm all smiles right now, especially since Xmas is soon! I came back to find the tree lit up and my sisters singing Christmas carols! God, it's good to be home. These photos were taken in my garden, I'm still jet lagged so I've been sleeping around 7 AM here, and waking up late late late. So I need to adjust to the time before I can start playing around with my new cam! So stay tuned for more surprises!

No invisible clothes here, I ain't an emperor but you can call me Queen YB if you'd like, just sayin':

Jeans blazer - H&M
Black jeans & grey top - Garage
Sequined clutch/cross body bag - gifted by La Baie/The Bay
Grey platform pumps - Aldo (they were half a size too big as I bought them from a secondhand store, so I cut a black bandana scarf, with skulls on them, in half and tied them in a bow)

P.S. To take a closer look at my makeup click here.

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  1. Oh that place looks so nice and warm!
    Thank you for your kind comment. I love Marilyn Monroe too, and I´m really looking forward to "My Week With Marilyn".



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