Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I know it's been a while, but after not being back home for a year, you can imagine how busy I've been with family and friends! Not to mention enjoying the luxuriousness of Dubai, aka shopping, spoiling myself with mani-pedis every week, and food, and more shopping. Oh, and a happy, happy new year to everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing NYE, and so far, 2012 is looking promising. As for New Year's resolutions... I have decided to start focusing on learning more about the business world. As for why... I can't reveal anything for the time-being. However, as soon as I can, I assure you all, my blog is the first place that it will be mentioned. Not just because of that, I have always had an interest in learning about stocks. Ever since I watched, "Wall Street" with none other than Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas, I have been intrigued in the whole stockbroker shenanigan. Another one of my resolutions is to learn more about the way people act. I'll get to that next time though. Let's get on with what this post is really about!

Makeup, makeup, makeup...

As you can see, I have finally purchased the Bobbi Brown gel liner from my Xmas wishlist post as a gift to myself. And I love, love, LOVE it because it's a lot more subtle than a black liner yet still manages to open up your eyes.

The Bourjois volumizer mascara is one that I purchased before leaving Montreal, and I'm not impressed nor am I disappointed by it. I find that it was over-hyped and I guess that's why I had such high expectations. But it isn't that bad either, I still say that MaxFactor's false lash effect mascara is the best.

As for YSL's Touche ├ęclat, I was definitely put off by this product. Every single blog and review I have read has said that it was amazing but I have seen and applied SO much better! I prefer MAC's studiosculpt concealer as well as BeneFit's Erase Paste concealer to this! Not worth the price or the hype at all...

MAC's sheertone blush in 'Breath of Plum' is the perfect pink/purple blush with a blue-tone for olive-skinned girls like moi. I could never find the perfect pink to suit my skin-tone until now! Not too light and not too dark... Call me Blushilocks but this blush is JUST right! (drums: ParumBUH! - say this out loud to comprehend)

Last but not least, MAC's cremesheen gloss is not something I would purchase again just because I find that it's too sticky for my liking... It's less sticky than their lipglasses, but I detest the feeling of trying to free my hair cemented to my lips cause of the stickiness of the lipgloss when it's a windy day.

Oh, and I didn't put this on the collage above, but for my brows, I applied MAC's eyeshadow in 'Concrete' which I have been wearing for more than a year now. Sometimes I switch to a lighter shade of brown when I dye my hair, but I always go running back to my faithful Concrete.

P.S. What were some of your New Year purchases? Would you like me to review any? Also, tell me about your resolutions! I would love to hear about them!

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